[Northkeep] Various Things

Lady Catin lady_catin at yahoo.com
Mon May 16 11:02:15 PDT 2005

I would like to extend a warm welcome to Will, and to make sure you understand that you do not have to have garb immediately - the Barony has loaner stuff, until you figure out what you really want to do.  Additionally, my lord and I currently have a box of loaner garb we are more than willing to share.

On a different note, would Phaolan or Mercedes contact me offlist?  I have something I think you will want, and am needing to deliver it to one of the big high muckety mucks (aka those with the Supreme Authority over my life for the next several months).

#949;#965;#967;#945;#961;#953;#963;#964;#974; #949;#963;#949;#943;#962;

(Thank you)

Kale Kourtikina

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