[Northkeep] Sewing help

Will Phillips rev.will.phillips at gmail.com
Wed May 18 14:08:55 PDT 2005

A good afternoon I bid you all, gentle folk.

As of last evening I was able to cut out a rough T-tunic pattern and locate 
some pants that will suffice for my ubiquitous "newcomer's" garb. However, I 
have no experience with sewing of any kind and certainly not the equipment 
to attempt anything on my own. As such, I an inquiring of someone who would 
be willing to give me an apprenticeship of sorts in putting together some 
fine garb. I need to get me T-tunic put together (as such you'll see me 
tonight with it jerry-rigged together and maybe even left open if I can't 
figure something creative.) as well as some trim applied to the neck and 
arms. Also, my pants are in desperate need to hemming (I think that's the 
word) as they are far, far too baggy.

I'll see you all at fighters' practice tonight and thereunto make my 
introductions to the populace gathered.

Your humble Bavarian servant,
Hugo von Ortenburg

Will Phillips

Venia Dei Persevero
www.willphillips.org <http://www.willphillips.org>

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