[Northkeep] Misc. Questions

Will Phillips rev.will.phillips at gmail.com
Tue May 31 13:17:33 PDT 2005

So the new guy is back from Europe. Yea.

Anyhoo, I had a few questions, largely because the website gives me 
headaches. ;)

(1) Who is our herald? I'd like to begin the painfully arduous task of 
getting a name, arms, and badges registered, but don't know who I need to 
speak with about all that.

(2) At Wednesday fighter practice a few weeks back, a couple kindly offered 
to let me borrow a linen tunic for Castellen. I'm terribley sorry, but I'm 
afraid I cannot remember your names, however is that offer still open? Also, 
to Ian (his wife more particularly, but I never caught her name) did that 
crappy t-tunic I tried to hodge-podge together ever get mended into a 
suitable tunic or tabard?

That'll do with the random questios for now, eh?

Your humble Bavarian servant,
Hugo von Ortenburg

Will Phillips

Venia Dei Persevero
www.willphillips.org <http://www.willphillips.org>

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