[Northkeep] interesting article on old shoe - Needleworkers

Faolan Macfarland faolanmacfarland at cox.net
Tue May 10 17:09:20 PDT 2005

I am sorry to say - June will be next one.  Last night was Needleworker's 
for May =D

Thank you for Zahava to sit around with me & work on feast tokens.

And also, dont forgot Garage sale for Trailer fund is Saturday - so donate 
stuff by friday.

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> >From: "Chuck Kaun" <jack_a_lope31 at hotmail.com>
>>Thinking of shoes...I dont necessarily want a 2000 year old one but I 
>>definately could stand to learn how to make some boots and shoes.
> I believe that next monday is Needleworkers.  I'll be there and will be 
> happy to actually start shoemaking classes up again if people showed up :)
> Marc/Diarmaid
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