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Tue May 17 07:41:26 PDT 2005

Welcome to Northkeep and SCA it will be the most fun you have ever had
in your life!!


On 5/16/05, Will Phillips <rev.will.phillips at gmail.com> wrote:
> Gentle folk, and special regards with Ian and Faolan,
> Thank you all for the kind greeting. It is my humble hope that I may be of
> service to the Barony as long as Almighty God may have me here.
> Unfortunately, I will be leagues away from Ansteorra beginning with this
> weekend and will only return with a few days to spare before Castellan. It
> is a rooted desire of mine be able to present myself before the Baron and
> the Baroness and the rest of the populace there. Haste is the word, then, on
> finding garb to wear to such a revelry.
> However, as I will not be departing from the Barony until this Friday, I
> would much like to attend weapons practice this Wednesday, if it still
> occurs. I have unfortunately found our website to be sorely inacturate
> and/or out of date thus far. What exactly is the structure of these
> practices? Do I need suitable garb as well as a helm and weapon or for
> practice's sake are these things temporarily left behind?
> I apologize for all my questions, I fear I have a great deal to learn of the
> Known World.
> Your humble Bavarian servant,
> Hugo von Ortenberg
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