[Northkeep] Needing some assistance

Lady Catin lady_catin at yahoo.com
Mon Nov 7 06:21:23 PST 2005

A friend of mine is shooting a scene for her Shakespeare class, and needs some warm bodies.  This is an amateur production, so we don't need any professionals.  If I remember correctly, it is a scene out of "Much Ado About Nothing," but I will double check.
If you are interested, or just bored Sunday night, please, give me a call.  She really wants to play SCA, but until she finishes school, with the full-time job and everything else, well...
Here is what she sent me:
 I need some guys. A messenger and Leonato. Also, I will need some extra  bodies to just be sitting around. Jamie has humbly agreed to help find us some actors. We are shooting this next Sunday at 6 PM.  I will shoot myself eating a turkey leg while doing a headstand if that is what it takes. 
                                                                        Emily S Collins 

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