[Northkeep] Interested in Glass Class(es) ????

Loralei loraleiriney at yahoo.com
Mon Nov 7 12:11:37 PST 2005

Greetings to all, 

I would once again offer my assistance and instruction to those who would be interested in
class(es) relating to Lampworking ( making glass beads), Vessel and other small items, Stained
Glass ( leaded and Foil) .

I will be teaching a the war, and am aware of those who have expressed interest to me ..."When are
you doing another class????". So, if you will please contact me privately via EMAIL I can pull
together the info and set a few classes up. 

I can do these inside as well as outside ( ie. FP) as long as we dont have too much wind. 

I will be happy to hold classes ( of small groups) at my home in the shop once I have
re-engineered how the SCA camping stuff fits in there....

I know that there are several who are interested, several who have taken my class previously . I
am happy to offer.With mundane holiday's approaching as well as all the others....these make
wonderful gifts....

I have complete documentation for all items and more than happy to give them to you as wel as
refer to other sources. I also have quite an extensive library on the topics. 


Lady Lann-Valdis O'Davorreanne
apprentice to Dame Dementia Angelica Blauschield
Member of Sundragon
member of Dreamchaser 

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