[Northkeep] Off Topic Heads Up

Montega montega at gmail.com
Thu Nov 10 22:21:40 PST 2005

This is way off topic, sorry.....

 As of 11-15-05 (Monday) PSO (Electric company) will be changing
payment systems from Choice Pay to a new system called Bill Matrix. If
you pay your electric bill by phone, as of Monday you will have to
call a new number. The number is:

You will be able to make payments by phone the same way as you were
before with the Choice Pay system. The biggest difference is that with
Choice Pay it was a dollar for a check payment and 4.95 for credit or
debit, and with Bill Matrix it will be 1.95 for all transactions.

Why am I telling you this? (I work for PSO) Because the word didn't
really get out that well that we were changing to a new system and
this might save a little bit of a hassle for people who pay by phone.
Anyway.... that's the scoop.

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