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	Subject: Known World Rattan Symposium 2005 (The DVD)
	Greeting all,
	In October of 2005 there was a Known World Rattan Symposium that
was hosted by the Kingdom of Calontir (in the center of the US).  It
featured instructors from Ansteorra, Artemisa, West, Northshield,
Midrelm, and Eldormere.  (More were planned but the schedule did not
work out).
	The instructors taught classes/lectures that covered a wide
range of topics, such as; Glaive, Greatsword, Movement and Mechanics,
Sword Theory, Physical Training, Learning Philosophy, Melee Command,
Melee discussion group, Spear, period manual technique for SCA Pole Axe,
period manual technique for SCA Broad Sword.
	It was a grand event and any who could not make it truly missed
something amazing.  Doing pickups at wars is one thing...but when you
have top caliber fighters from across the known world in one place all
dedicated to teaching and sharing ideas....it was truly an amazing thing
to see.  For those that were there it is something that will not be
forgotten as new friendships were formed as well as knowledge exchanged.
	This type of knowledge is not to be horded but shared so that
all may benefit and grow and help "push" our art to the next level.  To
that end several of the instructors agreed to have their classes taped
so the knowledge could be shared.  Much thanks should go to these
individuals as they demonstrate their Franchise as they willing share
their knowledge with others.
	The classes/lectures that were recorded with the permission of
the instructors have been compiled into a 3 DVD set that we are making
available for purchase.  These DVDs are not being produced for the
purpose of profit.  The proceeds from sales goes directing to cover the
cost of producing the DVDs and the event itself.  (the funding for the
event came from private individuals).
	The 3 DVD set have about 9 hours (actually more) of video.  The
list of classes that are available are as follows:
	Duke Paul- Glaive
	Duke Paul- Greatsword
	Duke Brannos- Movement
	Duke Brannos- Spear
	Duke Brannos- Melee discussion
	Earl Duncan- Sword Theory
	Earl Tristan- Physical Training
	Duke Sean- Learning Philosophy
	Viscount Mordain-Commanding 101 
	The DVD is ready and will make its first appearance at a Kris
Kinder Market , a Calontir merchant event, this weekend and is priced at
$20.00.  For those not able to attend I am working on making it availed
for order over the internet.  If you are wanting it NOW please send your
information to me at huscarl98 at yahoo.com with the Subject of "KWRS DVD"
and I will work with you to get you a copy.  
	My first run is only 100 sets, so get one this weekend or send
an email TODAY!
	If you have any questions please let me know.
	Take care and happy holidays,
	P.S.  Permission is granted to forward to anywhere you think is

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