[Northkeep] still looking for a placeto stay 11/30-12/3 for Tulsa visit

Robert Stewart skerritheviking at yahoo.com
Mon Nov 28 22:32:02 PST 2005

I am arriving on Southwest Airlines flight 714 at 12:30pm (just after noon).  Yes, there are doctors here, and several of the finest in the country in both Orthopedics and Neurology.  Opposing Councel and The Courts of Oklahoma are not interested in thier learned opinions, they are only interested in the opinions of a couple of doctors in Tulsa, whose only practice for the past 15+ years has been to file reports-not practice medicine.  That comes from the mouth of an Orthopedic Surgeon who knows one of the doctors examining me by name and reputation.  In other words, bought doctors.  On my side will be the weight of the testimony of 11 specialists and several MRI's.  About 90 days after this, I come back out for (hopefully) the last of this garbage, that being final trial, unless there are appeals.
  I leave Saturday at 7:10pm flight 1369 Southwest Airlines, I believe I can handle that.
  And yes, kind and gracious Lady, I do happen to recall your gender and dress color LOL
  Ld. Skerri

Gisela <giselavonwolfsburg at gmail.com> wrote:
  I have Girl Scout meeting from 6 til 7pm Wednesday, but other than that, I
should be able to pick you up... so when does your flight arrive? And when
is your deparing flight? I have my annual VW Club Christmas party Saturday
from 6pm til who knows when... usually about 10 or 11... so let me know when
you need transportation and you are welcome to sleep on my couch again...
provided you can stand the clutter.

Why do you have to come back here for a doctor appointment? Dont' they have
doctors out there?

Gisela (AKA VW Chris... the female kind, remember?)

On 11/28/05, Robert Stewart wrote:
> Heill and Health to all-
> I am still trying to find a place to stay for weds Nov 30th through sat
> Dec 3rd. I will be back in town (Tulsa) for 2 doctor visits that have to do
> with rating me for disability in my Wal-Mart worker's comp case.
> True to form, Wal-Mart was supposed to have me a check last week to
> cover staying in town, but it has not shown up. This happens all the time
> with me bi-weekly worker's comp pay as well. If anybody can help, please
> contact me right away. I am leaving weds morning, and my plane tickets are
> non-refundable. Thank you in advance, and sorry for the mundane
> interuption.
> Robert Stewart 520-829-5312
> YiS,
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