[Northkeep] AND The fun continues...Dionadair REVEL!!!!!!

Anawyn at aol.com Anawyn at aol.com
Mon Oct 17 18:40:07 PDT 2005

In the North, where we set our sites upon the next great event to conquer,  
comes the feasting and reveling that must ever follow! Come join friends at  
Sapperton Hall once more, as the lights burn bright at evening, and we share  
food and good stories all around.
Please invite comrades within and without the kingdom to feast one and all.  
A promise is yours of magic under the stars, as we sit beside the falling 
water  and enjoy music and laughter. 
For our heroes now and past, we will prepare grilled salmon, chicken, and  
ham, and offer drink of lemonade and tea to quench the thirst, as well as  
tableware. Do bring a potluck sidedish of your choosing to share, and  while we 
have quite a few, do bring a chair.
Here are directions to the Hall:
6925 South 73rd East Ave.:  The street is the stoplight between  Memorial and 
Sheridan on 71st Street, and we are the 3rd house down on the right  side. 
Stone arched ramparts with wrought iron and a gargoyle on top (kinda hard  to 
miss, don't you imagine?) If coming from Sheridan, you will be turning left,  if 
coming from Memorial, take a right. Easy to find, and should be no trouble  
We are excited about having everyone over, the dogs are glad, the parrot is  
glad, the fish...well they seem to be glad. AND the gate to the Mines of Moria 
 is finished at last! Ta da!
Any questions, contact us at: 250-7877. See you Saturday evening around  
Much Love and Anticipation,
Anawyn (Sanjula)

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