[Northkeep] FW: Non-period reference on the metallurgy of steel (Free download)

Niewoehner, Hugh hughn at ssd.fsi.com
Tue Oct 18 05:54:56 PDT 2005

Metalsmith's interested? 

> This comes from a metalsmithing list I read.  (Avery, how'd I 
> beat you to
> this?)
> John Verhoeven, a professor emeritus from Iowa State wrote an 
> entire text (~200 pages) about the metallurgy of steel, 
> oriented toward bladesmiths.
> The author assumes no special background by the reader, so 
> the material is very accessible.
> Ordinarily, most of this material requires a significant 
> investment in background before it can be understood.  I've 
> spent much of the last year developing my own background in 
> the area, and wishing helplessly that this text existed.  
> Those few of you who have had some instruction from me into 
> heat treatment of steel certainly know how much background 
> there is to know!
> Dr. Verhoeven also knows his target audience very well.  For 
> example, he explains grain structure by using a bottle filled 
> with large soap bubbles as his 3D model, and notes that 
> "Perhaps a more pleasant way to model metal grains is to 
> empty a glass of beer rapidly as is illustrated in Fig.
> 8.1(b)."  I don't think you'll find that explanation in your 
> average engineering materials textbook!
> Finally, and most important, the author includes the 
> following, which I quote directly from the preface:
> "My professional career has been supported by publicly funded 
> institutions.  Therefore, I grant any user copyright 
> permission to download and print a copy of this book for 
> personal use or any teacher to do the same for their 
> students. I do not grant rights to the text for commercial 
> uses. The copyrights to all figures with citations belong to 
> the original publishers. Copyright permissions were obtained 
> for inclusion of these figures."
> That's right, it's free!
> As a developing bladesmith, my enthusiasm for this text 
> cannot be overstated.  I want to find this man and have his babies.
> Share and enjoy!
> http://mse.iastate.edu/files/verhoeven/7-5.pdf

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