[Northkeep] hmm many problems do exist

Katrina Harrell ladyjehanettelechat at yahoo.com
Tue Oct 18 14:42:24 PDT 2005

okay it had come to my attention that there are some situations with my yahoo  account if you are trying to get a hold of me with time sensitive issues please email katrina-harrell at utulsa.edu

 if you just want to chat then this one will do

second we need no tent permit since the tents combined square footage is less than 900^2 feet and they are privately owned and used we do not need such things as that

third would who mentioned they would be inteterested in the children's activities email me or call me at  631-5332 we need to talk about tables as we will need one or two i don't have any and we will need at least one

fourth i need to communicate with lahoma to see what needs to be relayed or brought to the demo fro water bearer's 

fifth the site flyers will be posted at several locations if any one can think of places that would normally fly under the radar please contact ian for the flyer

sixth INVITE PEOPLE out to the demo

SEVEN the demo is this weekend



Hospitalier of norht keep

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