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> example, he explains grain structure by using a bottle filled  
> with large soap bubbles as his 3D model, and notes that 
>  "Perhaps a more pleasant way to model metal grains is to 
> empty a  glass of beer rapidly as is illustrated in Fig.
> 8.1(b)."  I don't  think you'll find that explanation in your 
> average engineering  materials textbook!

Yeah, I for one am not surprised, soap and beer are at the center of all  
creation theory. It's very Zen. Actually, all kidding aside, soap film studies  
have been applied to a number of sciences because of its unique reactions in  
various compounds. Soap is more than just something to get you clean, it is a  
fascinating substance that goes way beyond just a hobby. Sorry, I digress - I  
just get so excited about those bubbles!

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