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Chris Graue myangelmorgan at yahoo.com
Wed Oct 19 17:40:15 PDT 2005

Susan sent me this, thought it might be of interest to
the Populace of Northkeep... sounds neat to me~!
Especially at the end... 
> Hey, there!
> Just wanted to share a resource that Sky and I have
> recently found.
> It's called the Hippy Shack, and is in the southwest
> end (upper level)
> of Eastland Mall.  Star Zaferis offers belly dance
> lessons for beginners
> and up for $35 a month.
> For this rate, you can attend as many classes as you
> like.  I believe
> there are classes, Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday,
> so far, in the
> evenings, and Star says as the school grows, she
> will offer more weekly
> times.
> She only charged $35 a month for Sky and me, so I
> believe moms and young
> daughters (or sons, since she has at least one boy
> in the class as
> well!) are a package deal!
> We have really been enjoying the classes, and every
> Wednesday night at
> 7:30, they have a hafla (party!) which is a free
> potluck, where people
> unfamiliar with the school are welcome to come and
> check it out for
> free.  The only price is the contribution of a food
> or drink item to
> share.
> This hafla serves also, as an open-mike/jam night,
> where musicians of
> all kinds get together and make music.  It is a lot
> of fun, and is also
> held at a Pagan-friendly establishment, which is
> refreshing for folks
> like us.
> Anyway, I am so pleased with the place that I wanted
> to put in a plug
> for it.  You can reach Star at 437-2020, or
> amberstar at cox.net, if you
> have any questions.  :-)
> Brightest blessings!   Meli

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