[Northkeep] Extremely OT-Declawed Calico

Chris Graue myangelmorgan at yahoo.com
Wed Oct 19 21:27:18 PDT 2005

I am terribly sorry for the post, but I just can't
keep this cat. Money is tight, and she is one more
mouth to feed (she eats more than our first cat), more
litter to replace (she is much more picky about clean
litter than the other cat) and isn't getting along
with our older cat, which is why we got her in the
first place, to give her a friend... mind you, it is
probably our cat as much if not more than anything...
but at any rate, we just really need to find her a new
home where she can get the attention and security she
deserves. She is declawed (front only) and spayed (is
that the right term?) and she is very affectionate
when she's not hiding from our other cat. She really
is sweet, but we just can't keep her any longer.

To be fair, she will go to the bathroom on the floor
if the litterbox isn't cleaned regularly, which I am
not that good about keeping up with... but if you keep
it clean, she is great!

Again, I am sorry, but we are desperate,
Gisela/VW Chris

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