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Lahoma Simon Lahoma-Simon at cherokee.org
Fri Oct 21 06:53:41 PDT 2005

This is Rayhanna here, I wasn't aware of the fact that I had volunteered
for WBIC for this demo and have been out of the office for a day or two
and I am still trying to get caught up!  I would be more than happy to
WBIC this demo along with Mehpare my ever faithful right hand, and will
also provide a pop up pavilion for the water bearing station.  I have
coolers that we can use as well as tables and all of the necessary
kitchen equipment.  Lady Zubeydah has graciously offered her water
bottles as the Northkeep ones seems to have wandered off along with your
water coolers (if anyone knows the whereabouts of these coolers please
let me know!).  Any donations that people would like to make would be
greatly appreciated, the resources of House Halfiras are pretty tapped
right now and we could use all the donations that we could get.  If you
are able to bring anything for the water bearing station please let me
know in advance if possible so that we will know where we need to fill
in the gaps. 

If someone could please let us know what time armor inspection is I
would greatly appreciate it as we like to be set up before the fighters
arrive on the field in case they need anything! 

In service
Lady Rayhanna-jamilla al-Muhkite
House Halfiras

Lahoma Davidson
Financial Resources Development Officer
Cherokee Nation Small Business Center
(918)456-0671 ext 2533

It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought
without accepting it. ~Aristotle~

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hmm, mo budget for demo's
second, covering would need to be provided by the water bearer in
lahoma has yet to contact me, although I sent out an email saying she
needed to, but thank-you for the heads up on a check list.

Jahanette Le Chat
The ever busy ever perky law student who can sew and bitch in a single

Quoting "Mark D. Conklin N7XYO" <n7xyo at arrl.net>:

> Dear Lady Jehanette Le Chat,
> I understand Lahoma is the Waterbarrer In charge for
> Dionader.
> Please get with Lahoma and double check.
> Do you have everything for Waterbarring covered for Dionader
> this weekend?
> Do we have a cover or pavilion for the WB?
> Do we have all the supplies and jugs we need for WB?
> Do we have a budget for the WB supplies.
> Do we have big strong folks lined up to tote water, or is
> there a close
> source on site?
> If you or Lahoma have questions please get with the Northern
> Regional Waterbarrer Zubeydah at zubeydah at northkeep.org or
> myself.
> Thank you.....
> In service,
> Lord Marcus Quietly
> Northkeep Chirurgeon

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