[Northkeep] Dionadair Revel Reminder

Anawyn at aol.com Anawyn at aol.com
Fri Oct 21 16:07:21 PDT 2005

After a great day at one of the best demos all year, be sure to join your  
companions at the revel! Damon and Ismet have graciously offered the use of  
their fire pits in addition to ours to make sure the revelers stay toasty, in  
the event of a cooler evening than expected. Bring a pot luck item, your chairs  
and your sweet selves.
Address again is:
6925 South 73rd East Ave.:  The street is the stoplight between   Memorial 
Sheridan on 71st Street, and we are the 3rd house down on the  right  side. 
Stone arched ramparts with wrought iron and a gargoyle on  top (kinda hard  
miss, don't you imagine?) If coming from Sheridan,  you will be turning left, 
coming from Memorial, take a right. Easy  to find, and should be no trouble  
See you tomorrow!

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