[Northkeep] Chemin Noir "The Warden" Fair of the Harvest

Chris Graue myangelmorgan at yahoo.com
Fri Oct 7 10:21:29 PDT 2005

Sounds very interesting, I look forward to watching

OK, as many of you know, I am easily confused... I
have not been playing long enough to be able to keep
things straight when people refer to the same event as
different names... so please let me clarify... this
event is next weekend in Cleveland, correct? If so,
YIPPEE! This means I get to see Aelfwyn in one week! I
didn't know when it was when she mentioned the Fair of
the Harvest would be the next event she could make it


--- fintan at cableone.net wrote:

> 	We wish to invite all fighters to join us for what
> should be a very exciting tourney. 
> Because of the format of the competition it can not
> be Stressed more that we need as many 
> people In armor as possible. At signup you can
> declare Your Intent to clam the Warden 
> title. If you do not wish to compete for the title
> then your Name will go in to the 
> Brigands column. This is A perfect way for new
> fighters and people with Time constraints to 
> get some practice. After the List closes, The Warden
> hopefuls will Come before
> The crowd and Introduce themselves (personal herald
> excepted). Each Warden hopeful will 
> square off against 3 Brigands In a 1 vs.3 match. The
> Warden Hopeful will Be awarded 0-4 
> points for the match. 1 point for Each Brigand
> defeated and a Bonus point for surviving. 
> After 2 matches for each Warden Hopeful we will
> select the top 2 for the final Round. The 
> Field Battle will place the last Two Warden hopefuls
> in the role as War Band Leader. Anyone 
> in armor that wish’s to be part Of the Field
> Battle may join in. The bands will be selected 
> by the War leaders, one fighter At a time. We hope
> that we can have combat Archery in this 
> round. During this battle the Two War leaders are
> just that,[leaders].They Can not attack 
> or be attacked. Only after a War leader has lost all
> of his men is he free To engage 
> himself. The surviver will be our new Warden.
> Lord Fiontan O'Cuaig
> fintan at cableone.net
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