[Northkeep] Chemin Noir "The Troubadour" Fair of the Harvest

Chris Graue myangelmorgan at yahoo.com
Tue Oct 11 18:13:48 PDT 2005

PLEASE, no grabbing the servers as part of your
performance!!! LOL!

Gisela (who often serves feast and is terrified of
becoming part of the show)

--- fintan at cableone.net wrote:

> Troubadour
> 	The Bardic competition will be held during feast.
> The feast hall will be divided in 3 
> parts (head table, Left and right wings).There will
> be a judge in each of the Areas. They 
> will have a list of all the bards that signed up At
> gate. Each bard will perform a piece 
> some time during feast for each area. The time and
> subject of the performance will Be up to 
> the entertainer. The judge will give points for The
> overall performance as well as how you 
> interact With the audience. Remember you are not
> performing for The judge. The judge is 
> grading you on how will you perform For the others
> in the room. To make it easer for the 
> judge Please introduce yourself before you start.
> The Feast will go on 
> Regardless of your performance. You will need 
> To take charge of the time and make the people want
> to pay attention to you. This is how 
> the Troubadour makes a living.
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