[Northkeep] Dionadair - Ensign is here!

Kelandra Carmichael kelandra_c at sbcglobal.net
Mon Oct 17 10:10:30 PDT 2005

Greetings All!

Our big demo is here and we need to spread the word so that we have  the
Tulsa public attend. The demo has been posted on to Tulsa Community
Calanders but that may not be enough to get agood crowd. Faolan has some
printed copies of the flyer but we need to get them out thereall over Tulsa
for people to see. If you hgave some where you can get to that you think
might post a flyer please take one there today! Game shops, bookstores,
coffee shops, craft stores, colleges campus, highschools, clubs, etc. If you
have connections or contacts with Homeschool groups or other pocssiblely
interested organizations please spread the word and post infpormation about
Dionadair there.  If any of you want a PDF version of the flyer to print and
post your own please email me and I will send you a zipped copy.

We are down to the wire on getting the word out.

I know local Northkeepers will come to Dionadair but please if there is any
one you know who is not on this list please let them know and invite them to
come out to the demo on Saturday. Talk it up on Wednesday at Fighter
We should all wear our spiffiest garb, so we make the best first impression.
We should bring our banners to give a grand appearance to our tournament.
We should bring our fancy period funiture, our swords axes, spears, bows,
We should bring our A&S projects to display or works in process.

The fighters really do the best job of drawing people in but those working
on A&S projects really seem to be able to get people to open up and talk
with us.

Also I hear there is going to be a hospitality table if anyone is interested
please bring some kind of medieval finger foods to share.
If you would like perhaps you might also do something for the childrens
area, beads, medieval coloring book sheets.

Anything you can to help make this a memorable day in Medieval Life for some
person unfamiliar with the SCA would be appreciated.

If you have any questions I am sure that the Hospitaler Lady Jehanette, or
Lady Faolan the Seneschal could help.

Kind regards,

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