[Northkeep] ] Question about Dionadair

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The demo starts at 10am so any set up needs to be before then.

I will bring a jar of pickles, a bag of oranges, a jug of water, and maybe
some other stuff like grapes, etc. To help with Waterbearing needs, maybe
others will donate some stuff too. Why not post a wish list and see if we
can get that to happen.


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To Lady Jehannette,

 Regarding Dionadair,

Mehpare and Lady Rayhanna, of Halfiras, volunteer to be co-WB's in
charge.  If there is a budget, please let us know how much, and how many
fighters you expect in attendance.  Please also give time of armor

Please reply privately to

tconnor at cherokee.org (Mehpare)


lsimon at cherokee.org (L. Rayhanna)

In service to the Dream,

Mehpare with and
On behalf of Rayhanna

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