[Northkeep] TENTS

Katrina Harrell ladyjehanettelechat at yahoo.com
Wed Oct 19 17:15:33 PDT 2005

Need to know if anyone is bringing a tent Saturday
we only can set up 900 square feet of tent space
we  need:
at least one for fighters
one for water bearers: 10x10 (100 ft)
at least one for barony in general
Beyond that I must know if anyone wants to set up a tent, what it's demensions are, and who will be using that tent. 
We will not have a repeat of woodward, this includes sunshades, pavilions, and any other tent like apparatus. 
Jehanette Le Chat

There is no way to get a permit, as these tents are not rented, we must for permits sake PROVE that the fabric is fire resisitent on a form that the maker must file out and that is only available for rented tents.  

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