[Northkeep] Help & advice desperately needed

Anthony Lackey catan at webzone.net
Wed Oct 19 21:16:31 PDT 2005

> Friends & Brothers, we desperately need advice.  We are being harassed (a year
> & 1/2 now) by neighbors living next door to us to the south. They want us to
> move (never said, but pretty clear).  They've called code enforcement & the
> health department while we were remodeling out house and getting a new roof
> on.  Now, more recently, they have reported us to animal control for having
> four dogs, which is one over the limit by city ordinance.  We don't want to
> give up any of our dogs, they are our children.  Theoretically it is possible
> to get a hobbyist license from the city if you can get sponsorship from a
> rescue group as a rescuer/foster home, or if (according to the statute) have
> documents showing 2 classes completed.  We have already enrolled 2 of our dogs
> in obedience training (week 2 of a six week course) and we are building a
> privacy fence.  But the wording on the statute is ambiguous and the animal
> shelter has refused to clarify what exactly is needed to qualify.

    We have been very careful to not attract any notice of these neighbors, but
last night, they came home unexpectedly while our dogs were out (they do have to
go out SOMETIME), counted heads, and reported us again.  We got the call from
animal control today saying if she made another complaint, we would get a
ticket. $750.00 is the fine. We said we had 3 dogs and had placed one in a
temporary home till we could get our hobbyist license (that was our story &
we're sticking to it). Doesn't matter, said animal control. We said this woman
was a crank harassing us and would say she had seen 4 dogs no matter how many we
actually had.  Doesn't matter, said animal control. Another complaint, we get a
ticket. We can't even have visits from other dogs in our yard, says animal
control.   Apparently the burden of proof is on us to prove we have 3 dogs. This
doesn't even address the cat problem, most of you know how many cats we have,
and we can't dare to have anyone in the house seeing them.

    We are at wits' end.  I am crying as I write this and feel thisclose to a
total breakdown.  We need to find an attorney to see if there is a legal remedy
for this situation, and to help us get the hobbyist license from the city.
We've never been a foster home (we just keep the ones that came to us) and no
501 status group we have contacted will sponsor us as a rescuer.  We are not
weirdo animal collectors or hoarders. We take care of our cats and dogs and try
not to be a nuisance to anyone.

> Please, if anyone knows a good attorney with experience in this area, please
> call or contact us.  Our home phone is 836- 3696, and my work number is
> 834-7807. This woman is never going to stop, and our lives are a nightmare of
> fear and dread constantly.

    We had hoped that we could become more active since I am feeling a little
better now.  Well, I *was*.  The stress from this is killing me, and that's not
just an expression.  My pain levels are through the roof, and I'm having chest
pains. Depression is my constant companion, and the meds are not helping.

    I am sorry to vent this way, but we are so desperate. I have hesitated to
ask for help, since we have done so little for the barony and household lately,
I don't feel we deserve it.  But we never stopped caring for any of you.  Thank
you in advance for any response.

Catrin & Anton, desperately



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