[Northkeep] seeking rosewater

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There is a little Mid-Eastern store on Memorial at 51st. I can't recall the
name of it at the moment, but it is in a little strip mall along the back.
It is behind the Walgreen's. They regularly carry rose water and orange
flower water and other such things for a reasonable price.

Lynn the Inquisitive

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> To Northkeep cooks:  Does anyone know of a local (around Tulsa) or on-line
source for
> rosewater?  I've two different recipes I want to try and happens the both
need rosewater!
> One is used as flavoring for Greek candy (Loukoumis) and the other is a
Tudor era dish
> called (A Dysshe Of Snow). I know at one time it was available at drug
stores but now it's
> uncommon.  Aoife
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