[Northkeep] Archery, second request

Chris Graue myangelmorgan at yahoo.com
Fri Oct 28 14:52:03 PDT 2005

Danke Shoen... but WHERE is his house? I've been there
once, but it was with Mathius directing, and I believe
we took the scenic route because HE wasn't sure where
we were going... so I haven't a clue how to get there,
aside from *I think* you go toward Sand Springs...

Fortunato is visiting from Namron (instead of going to
Samhain) and Archery practice was the swing vote on
his decision to come here, LOL, so I hate to
dissapoint him on that.

So now I just need to know if someone is holding
Archery without Blackmoon being present, and if so, I
need directions, bitte...


--- Jennifer Henley <chibi_jeni at hotmail.com> wrote:

> It's at Arthur Blackmoon's usually on Sundays at
> 2:30pm. Since it's deer 
> hunting season, I don't know if it's going on this
> weekend or not...
> Genevieve Grant Von Aue
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> >Will someone please tell me when and where Archery
> >practice is?
> >
> >Gisela
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