[Northkeep] Rattan Sticks

John Yates valstarr_hawkwind at yahoo.com
Mon Apr 3 16:54:12 PDT 2006


   Is there anywhere in the Northern region I can buy
some rattan?

   My old stuff has either completely degenerated (7-8
years old, and it's been left outside a lot,) or will

   My past orders to Frank's Cane and Rush Supply,
where I've ordered before, was now going to cost me
$35 to ship about $31.50 worth of cut rattan.

   Is there any stores that carry it in pole form? I
thought I recall a mention made one one of the lists
of a store in Lawton that carried them.

   If you know of any individuals or businesses with
some for sale in the region, please let me know.


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