[Northkeep] Newcomers and meeting

Katrina Harrell ladyjehanettelechat at yahoo.com
Tue Apr 4 07:53:31 PDT 2006

First off, has Ludo or Emilina been added to the list yet? I have no Idea what their email is but I would like to make sure they are added. 
  Second, the thursday meeting was very relaxed and informal. Only a few showed up, this disappointed me, but I rally again. I really want and need, as North Keeps recruiting officer, an informal meeting that is in a normal public building. Practice is awesome, but asking someone to come to 8th and memorial, who has never seen us, to watch people hack and bash at each other is interesting, but not appealing to the WHOLE crowd that exists in the SCA. Also, the fighters, well, aren't exactly talkative when hacking and bashing and grinning like twelve year olds. As endearing as that is, it does not help me in striving to help us RETAIN those that are interested in our organization.
  I would love input, in this my pet project, from the whole of populace. When is a "good" night to gather? Should there be a format, IE projects, teaching, heraldry, BS-ing, that you would find appealing? The meeting can not just be for a newcomer and myself, it doesn't work. Knowing just one, is fine week one but week four? it fails horribly! 
  Thank-you for any feed back, Ideas, contentions, or support...

Lady Jehanette
Chatelaine Le Northkeep

"ils les combattent boivent et ils dorment avec ou avec dehors une femme de l'eau"
"They Fight, They Drink, and They Sleep with or without a waterbearer..."
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