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Katrina Harrell ladyjehanettelechat at yahoo.com
Wed Apr 5 17:33:16 PDT 2006

I am going to throw out my ideas and what I am hearing. 
        A&S is something that I am truly interested in but when my lord is fighting, I care not about the stitches I am placing in my mid to late fourteenth century herjofnes find number 44. I am watching him, It is just the way I am. I want to watch, and most off I want in the middle of the summer to be able to "just watch", converse, talk about what is going on in the SCA, gossip, but a class, at practice? Hrumph, the fighters will not "be in "attendance"" and some of them are "newcomers", the A&S projects in general won't be brought, as much as I do adore those who brave the heat/cold to spin as they watch. 
        once again I am asking a person to come to practice/informal gathering which in general they resist, it isn't what a normally shy person would consider a "good atmosphere" a park at 8th in memorial at night, LEts just think about that 
  "wasn't the texaco down the street just robbed recently, umm yeah I 'll try to be there, uh scary...."
         Although, Practices are something I encourage all to come to, and I am throughly excited about the joint weapons practices and am willing to consider the Idea of having a few outdoor meetings during the fall and spring when it is "comfy". It doesn't meet my needs as your hospitalier.    
         What I need/want is one day a month, regularly scheduled, for all to come to, at the library we already meet at. At which we can have a general class which can be worked on with the various different officers and those through out the north, after wards we can or may want to gather at a nearby restaurant. For mild revelry and companionship.  
           It will not require "yet another day to clear the every week calendar" I attend fighter practice regularly and l don't want to change that, I am a law student more work is something that i do not revel in. It could be the second or third week of the month so that we have a break from populace. It in general will be a come at any time affair that will end by 9 pm and start at 7'ish, with those who are interested in the class being offered being attentive to that area and every one else being in airconditioned comfort talking about well the SCA. I propose another day besides monday, and it can not be scheduled on friday because of events, wednesday is practice(s), so may I suggest a thursday, therefore people who missed populace because of scheduling conflicts may attend another group gathering. If there is an upcoming local event rides, advice and camping may be arranged close to the departure date?
  What do you think about this proposal, would you attend? could you attend? what don't you like about it?

Lady Jehanette
Chatelaine Le Northkeep

"ils les combattent boivent et ils dorment avec ou avec dehors une femme de l'eau"
"They Fight, They Drink, and They Sleep with or without a waterbearer..."
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