[Northkeep] Garage Sale and Other Stuff

Lady Catin lady_catin at yahoo.com
Thu Apr 6 08:09:53 PDT 2006

  This is your first reminder that we are having a garage sale at the house on Saturday, April 29th, to benefit the Barony.  Any and all hands will be welcome, as we will be starting early (at first light), and hopefully ending around mid afternoon.  We will take donations begining the Monday before the sale, and we can stuff things under the carport until it all GOES AWAY.
  I believe we will need some tables, or we can rig some up from wood and stuff we have lying around.  Friday night, we will be doing some preliminary pricing and some set up, or we can do sort of what we did last time - "How much is this?"  "How much will you pay?" type thing.
  I might also be able to talk my wonderful lord into a revel the evening after the garage sale.  I will have to discuss it with him later, so no promises that it is possible.  
  In service to the Dream and the Game,

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