[Northkeep] Consensus

Katrina Harrell ladyjehanettelechat at yahoo.com
Fri Apr 7 07:10:22 PDT 2006

I think we now have a general consensus . . .
  I will speak to the Martin regional library and get a regularly scheduled room on a Tuesday or Thursday during the second week of the month . . . 
  I will aim for Thursday, that way we can remind each other at practice. . .
  The first meeting, we will cover etiquette with the emphasis being on "site" etiquette, I will be looking for a suitable person to teach this class. The idea will be recognizing those who wear those thingies on there heads, recognizing the title for the person wearing this or that regalia, and how "important" it really is to find the specific title. Then what goes on at site, what you are expected to do, and what is a bad idea. I will help compile any answers that we have and make this information available to anyone who wants the notes to the class. 
  If any one has any other ideas for this "class". I in NO way want this to become formal and stuffy, it will be a short presentation, and a Q and A session. 
  Any ideas for the next class, or things you want addressed this meeting, please e-mail me. 
  I will bring cookies and juice, for snacks, 
  Jehanette Le chat

Lady Jehanette
Chatelaine Le Northkeep

"ils les combattent boivent et ils dorment avec ou avec dehors une femme de l'eau"
"They Fight, They Drink, and They Sleep with or without a waterbearer..."
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