[Northkeep] Beltane Tavern Menu - Shameless plug

Susan Campbell arspudsmom at yahoo.com
Fri Apr 28 17:37:49 PDT 2006

  This is Three Fat Chicks Tavern speaking....
  Come one Come all to sample the wonderful offerings to be had at Beltane...
  Saturday Breakfast - 
  French Toast and Sausage  $2.50
  Poor man's Stew  $2.00
  Turkey Pita   $2.50
  Spanikopita  $1.50
  Pita/ Cheese / Fruit Plate  $2.50
  Various baked goods  .50
  Closed for dinner Due to the ARN pot luck
  Sunday Breakfast Biscuits and Gravy - $1.50
  Please bring your feast gear, Disposable will be available, but we would prefer to not have alot of garbage!!
  This has been a unpaid political announcement...

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