[Northkeep] Newcomers At The Park

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Wed Apr 5 12:35:13 PDT 2006

I think that's a great idea! And once we move the rapier to Wednesdays with 
heavy fighters we'll have a chance to trade off a little on those with 
people who want to help out in talking to people about the organization.

Namron had some wonderful flyers last weekend at the medfaire. I wish I had 
not misplaced the one I was given. If we could have some more flyers like we 
did at Dhirnadir (sp) back in October, that would be a very easy outline to 
go off of as to what to talk about.

Even though, the Hospitalier mentioned that she didn't want to hold these 
newcomers meetings at practices because of the possibility of putting off 
the people more interested in A&S with a lot of the combat going on around 

- G.G. Von Aue

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>You know, if you can get all your practices (Boffer, Heavy and Rapier) 
>together at the
>park, you would have an excellent venue for some Newcomers classes.  What 
>better way to
>introduce someone to the interactions of SCA-folk.  It would be closer to 
>an 'event-type'
>atmospere with possibly a 'mock Gate' to familiarize people with that 
>part...closer to an
>event would be great for a mock Court.  I remember the only 'sour' note to 
>my first events
>were the courts.  One was 'extremely' long and since I had NO idea WHAT 
>going on it wasn't
>very enjoyable!  I had trouble hearing things and had no idea what the 
>awards were that
>they were giving out....so besides court behavior they need to know what 
>all that 'stuff'
>is about.  Castellan is coming up an it will be pretty confusing for some!
>OK, Aoife will get off her soapbox and shut up for a while!
>IS, Aoife
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