[Northkeep] Newcomers At The Park

Jennifer Henley chibi_jeni at hotmail.com
Wed Apr 5 13:46:11 PDT 2006

Wow, Arthur!! You need to work on sentence structure! It took me longer than 
usual to decipher that!

But I know where you're going with it.

It's very intimidating to less-outgoing people. I was very intimidated when 
I first got involved because I didn't know where I would stand with people. 
But after quite a few reached out to me and took me under their wings, I'm 
pretty well planted (for the most part). Not everyone is as lucky, but a lot 
of people do what they can.

- GG Von Aue

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>sorry ,
>  im just an old dinosaur , i really like the way it used to be ....
>back in the younger days of the kingdom , back  when you invited newbies 
>possibles to come out to this revel or that revel .
>where they could meet many different people , with many different ideas
>about what the sca was , and how " involved " you "should " be .where they
>met the people that would help them find garb, or someone to make it .
>or found out that so and so event was coming up , and you know who would be
>willing to give them a ride , and camp with them . ( and pre outragious gas
>prices , and pre newbie tax ,oops , non member tax . even offering to pay
>site fees, and if not feeding them , then paying feast as well ) believe me
>, going to your first few events and not knowing anyone , or where to camp 
>whats acceptable , etc . is a   major , big time deal breaker , unless your
>just a main line extrovert .
>any way with that in mind .
>please see next post
>be safe, be happy , have fun
>arthur blackmoon
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> > I don't think ALL of the meetings should be at the park..just that it
>would be a good
> > opportunity.  Besides, have you ever noticed that certain people are
>'always' busy with
> > their hands, even at populace?  I rarely see Deborah*sp? without her
>spindle and Ismet
> > often has hers...as does HE Elisabetta and her looms.  So many of them
>work and chat away
> > with ease and are great examples for the rest of us!
> > Aoife
> >
> >
> >
> >
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