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Stephanie Drake steldr at cox.net
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That would be fab!
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I may very well be able to pick up an overhead projector. My mom's a first
grade teacher, and you never know what odds and ends are in classrooms.


On 4/6/06, Stephanie Drake <steldr at cox.net> wrote:
> Ok - as promised, HL Gilyan will be coming over from Mooneschadowe to
> teach a silk banner painting class for us.  The date is Sunday May
> 14th.  The time & location are yet to be determined.  Gilyan has given me
> list of items needed for the class which you will find below.  Also below
> are links to the company where she buys her supplies.  The first link is
> the fabric itself.  She's not sure which weight they have used in the past
> but she says that the thicker fabrics work better.  I will have a couple
> yards of the 12mm that I can share at the workshop.  I'm will also have
> DYE-NA-FLOW Starter Kit shown on the second link and a tube of resist that
> will be available for sharing.  If you have any questions about any of the
> supplies you will need, please contact Gilyan at gilyanc at hotmail.com.  On
> that note, if anyone has an overhead projector we could borrow for that
> day.........................
> Mercedes
> http://www.dharmatrading.com/fabric/silk/habotai.html
> http://www.dharmatrading.com/html/eng/1605-AA.shtml?lnav=paints.html
> white craft paper
> overhead projector
> pencils
> designs
> ruler/yard stick
> masking tape
> pencil sharpener
> scissors
> push pins
> frame for silk
> foam brushes of varying size
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