[Northkeep] archers revel

Sat Apr 8 16:15:44 PDT 2006


hey , like i said , garb is always welcome , but not required ; )

people coming out and visiting, meeting archers , getting to know other
people ,having fun , eating .

maybe we will even have a newbie or 2 show up , and find out we're not weird
, just because we like to play with sharp pointy things ......hhmmmm , on
that thought , maybe we will have a full timer or 2 show up , and find out
the same thing ....
; )

be safe, be happy , have fun
arthur blackmoon

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Hey Arthur!!

Since Conner's baseball team has been undefeated, they are playing their
(hopefully) final game tomorrow at 1:30pm in Drumright...so we'll be getting
there a little late. Don't hold the archery up for us at all. Conner may be
too tired to shoot as it is! LOL! But we will definitely be there after the
game is over!

Don't expect garb from us...the other baseball mom's already think I'm weird
for wearing garb to Tuesday practices...

- GG Von Aue

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>final notice , there will be an archers revel after archery practice at the
>archery range on this sunday starting at 4:00 pm.   ( that's tomorrow )
>this is a children's archery weekend , so come early and cheer for the
>child archers ..
>garb is always welcome , but not required for revel.
>sorry , there will be nature present ( sunshine , bugs, wind ,grass and
>dirt ) but no air conditioning ,recliners, or video games . ( unless you
>bring them ) and since this is the kid friendly version , no alcoholic
>beverages please .
>venison ,hamburger , and hot dogs thawing , feel free to bring anything
>else you might want to eat or drink ( see above ), and seating is limited ,
>so please bring a chair , or stool for your own comfort.
>be safe , be happy, have fun
>arthur blackmoon
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