[Northkeep] Silk Banner Painting

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Tue Apr 11 07:13:20 PDT 2006

When I first read this Kale's post it made me do a double take, "Count
Wynfrith" I thought who the heck is that? I thought that person must be some
former foreign crown. Then the rational part of my mind finally broke thru
the morning fog and I realized it was just Kale's word usage to indicate
that She and Wynfrith were to be included in the banner class.

My mind today is like the loch...murky and cold. I am going to add some
caffeine and see if that helps before reading any more emails.


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Count Wynfrith for sure, and me, possibly (I have absolutely no artistic
talent, and can't draw a straight line with a ruler).  We can also bring a
projector that you just put a picture under, and project on the wall.
(That's how he's done our devices on banners!)  It's very cool.

  Thank you, and I will now return to lurking in the corners

  Kale the overwhelmed and going in circles

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