[Northkeep] Drum repair

Deborah Sweet dssweet at okstate.edu
Wed Apr 12 08:15:22 PDT 2006

>I take it that you have a natural head with rope knotting?  If so, Drum 
>World in Tulsa has someone that can do it.....warning, it costs a ton.

No, I'm pretty sure it's a synthetic head. It got damp inside the case and 
about half the head dried wrinkled before I knew it had got wet.

>Next, you have musical practices with middle eastern music?  When? Where?

We will be including some of the Spanish Cantigas & some ME sheet music 
from Peach Curry's CD "Dancing with the Infidels" into the Merry Musicians 
music practices*. So it's not what most SCA people consider ME music..... 
all that said, I know that *I* would certainly welcome a drummer into the 
group just so that I can do either zills/tambourine/something else or help 
lead the dancing when at the PP event.


*currently on the odd Thursday night once a month - practice might pick up 
during summer

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