[Northkeep] Drum repair

Loralei loraleiriney at yahoo.com
Wed Apr 12 10:42:47 PDT 2006


Depends on what type of drum you have...

Is it a ceramic dumbeck with a head(skin) tied on
Is it a dumbek that resembles the djumbes..wooden with head/skin tied on ( using much much force
and twine)
or is ti a dumbeck with lipped head on it. 

There are places you can find....
Many times they are more $$$ to rehead than to buy new drum.
What size is drum(height) and what size is head(diam)

You can find persons who do tanning or playing with skins that can help you....
it Takes a great deal of strength to get it stretched tight enough and tied ( at the same time). 

I will forward a few names I know of commercial(some SCa related) depending upon the type of drum

One source for very reasonable and good quality dumbecks( that may or may not resemble the
djumbess) is SAM ASH....they can be found online....
also Muscians Friends....
Lark in the Morning ..tho $$$$$$..the previous 2 were much more reasonable...

But if head is not Broken....
you can re-wet and tighten to smoother consistancy....again much strength and patience is

Let me know the details and I cna offer more directed help

Lady Lann

(who hapens to have 2 dumbecks--ceramic...and several wooden....even thebig mo)

--- Deborah Sweet <dssweet at okstate.edu> wrote:

> Does anyone in northern Ansteorra (or points further south) repair 
> dumbeks? The head on my drum got wet & dried all wrinkly.  Alternatively, 
> if anyone has a spare drum that they could loan me until after the 
> Provincial Panache (the event formerly known as Guardian) ?  Or if you (& 
> your dumbek) would be willing to commit to attending practices of the 
> Merry Musicians until the P.P. that would also work.
> Thanks!
> Estrill
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