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Gilyan assures me that this could not be easier so I'm sure that if there
are some people who cannot make it to the class then those who have been to
the class will be able to demonstrate the basic technique.  I've also been
thinking that with this many people that we will probably need more than one
overhead so those of you who have offered to bring or procure one, please do

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Me too! But can you tell me times, please? I had planned on having Morgan's
b-day party that day... I REALLY REALLY REALLY want to do this, but Saturday
is the best day for a child's b-day party... so if I know what time it will
start and end (more or less) I may still be able to do both...

(crossing fingers!!!)

On 4/11/06, Stephanie Drake <steldr at cox.net> wrote:
> Hmmm - I got Karl's message but I don't remember seeing Emmalina's.  Isn't
> it funny how messages come out of order.........
> It's fine if you want to bring friends.  We may run into a problem with
> space at some point but we'll make it work.
> So far I have:
> Ian & Kelandra
> Kale & Wynfrith
> Karl
> Ismet
> Elizabeta
> Emmalina and a few friends
> Who else has piped up that I'm forgetting?
> Mercedes
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