[Northkeep] So, this weekend.. What's the plan?

Jennifer Eppler chibi_jeni at hotmail.com
Tue Aug 8 16:28:56 PDT 2006

I plan on being there for the inventory, and may stay a short while for the 
revel, but not for sure yet.

Get well soon, Mimi!!

- Lady GG

>From: Sean OBrien <ohoolighanofnorthkeep at yahoo.com>
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>To: The Barony of Northkeep <northkeep at lists.ansteorra.org>
>Subject: Re: [Northkeep] So, this weekend.. What's the plan?
>Date: Tue, 8 Aug 2006 15:54:33 -0700 (PDT)
>You can count on seeing me, Wilhelm and Brianna.  We will bring our chairs. 
>  Thanks!  Aodh
>Miriam Cook <zahavabathannah at yahoo.com> wrote:  Hi Everyone!
>So... what's the plan for this weekend? Despite the
>injury to my back, I am still looking forward to
>seeing everyone. I will make sure the grill has
>plenty of propane (and I have a little charcoal burner
>too) and there will be plenty of room in the
>drive/carport for the trailer related activities.
>Though I don't think I will be up to being much help
>I have to worn everyone-- I have lots of kitties at
>the moment (if anyone falls in love with any of them
>feel free to take it.. even if you aren't in love--
>even if it just a passing fancy...). I will have them
>sequestered in the basement and out of the way, but
>for those who are allergic there is NO WAY that I can
>get rid of all the fur and dander in the house. There
>is plenty of room outside to hang out, but I am sure
>that the heat will be an issue. So you are now warned.
>I'd kinda like to get a ballpark figure of the number
>of people coming. If you could please drop me an email
>if you plan to come I'd appreciate it. Don't feel like
>you HAVE to send me an email to come, just want to get
>a number I can tell the neighbors so that they don't
>freak. (or do freak with time to prepare which is fine
>Looking forward to the weekend!
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