[Northkeep] Leather cleaning?

Ed gassion_de_beaumarchais at hotmail.com
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Warm water with saddle soap works well.  Apply mink oil after the cleaning
to keep moister in and sweat out.


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>From: Gisela <giselavonwolfsburg at gmail.com>
>I was just wondering if there is ANY way to make leather not smell so 
>bad once it has gotten sweaty? I love leather watch bands, but damn if 
>they don't stink to high heaven after a couple weeks of 100+ 
>temperatures and no A/C in your car... I don't want to have to buy a 
>new band just because it stinks, but I will if there's no other 
>alternative. PLEASE HELP!!!

I'd go for the wash (in not hot water) and recondition after.  If you oil it

while it's still wet, it supposed to draw the oil in a little better 
(although I can't prove that).


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