[Northkeep] Haggis (longish)

Susan catmafia at hughes.net
Fri Aug 4 21:35:11 PDT 2006

I greatly enjoyed the descriptions too, some did some yummy.  In keeping 
with your heritage, you really should have a haggis competition at 
something-where we would get all of the sheep stomachs would be the 
major challenge.

Susan the Curious
on a personal history note, Jerry-as our ansestors settled in the same 
place here in the states-did yours feed you lots of 'odd' foods too?

j.t.herring wrote:

>Thank you Mistress Talana I feel well and truly educated in the edible
>aggregate that is Haggis.
>Some of the recipes described even sound exemplary. Although I do agree fish
>haggis sounds iniquitous.
>All this talk of haggis has made me hungry,

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