[Northkeep] poison ivy and other nasty plants

Susan catmafia at hughes.net
Sun Aug 6 22:56:24 PDT 2006

I've found that the times I've ran into poison ivy at events is when I'm 
walking through places at night that I didn't check during the day 
time.  It is better to stick to well worn paths at night that don't have 
things reaching out from the sides.  I can't remember the site, but 
there was one place that had quite alot of it growing next to the trees 
just along the main path.  At Diamond wars, I was attacked because of 
trusting a mown field-I was sitting on my blanket watching the battle 
when I realized that there were bits of poison ivy all around me where 
they had mowed.  I hopped across the field, from clear patch to clear 
patch, to get out.

I don't know how well it works, but in Jan and Feburary most of the 
compounding pharmacies will sell a homeopathic preventative for poison ivy,

LRA wrote:

>Do yourselves a favor and take a look at the site and look at the 
>pictures. It may help you recognize this nasty stuff before you get in it.

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