[Northkeep] Near-by event in Smythkepe 1-4 Sept.

Ed gassion_de_beaumarchais at hotmail.com
Sun Aug 20 19:02:52 PDT 2006


	I'm happy to extend an invitation to "A Mid Summer Nights Dream"
hosted by the Shire of Smythkeep, (Fort Smith, AR.)  This is to be a 4 day
event with lots of activities and contests, including Gleann Abhann's first
Youth Rapier tournament.  Rapier fighters will enjoy fighting on a realistic
ship deck.  For an event schedule, site information, and directions please
visit http://www.smythkepe.org/, look for the SMKD navigation button on the
right side of the web site.

Cadet to Don Navarre

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