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Sun May 28 18:41:19 PDT 2006

population numbers for branches within Ansteorra. Check out these numbers.

Northkeep 89
Wiesenfeuer 60
Namron 51
Mooneschadowe 34
Eldern Hills   31
Brad Leah 17
Wastelands 14
Rundel 13

This means that Northkeep is the largest group in the Northern Region!
5th Largest group in the Entire Kingdom!

I  dont want this to be viewed as bragging but...How cool is that?

But...You know what?
I think we could do better. This year our paid membership numbers are down 8
fom last year and our group has a lot of new people since then. If you
haven't sent in those lagging memberships maybe now is the time to do it. We
missed being higher up the scale by just a few members...think about how
cool that would be...What if we were the third largest group in the whole

So what do you say? Shouldn't we do something about this?
I can't wait to see next years numbers.

Kind regards,
Laird Ian Dun Gillan
Seneschal Northkeep

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