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For your diversion and entertainment.

Armored Quidditch

Master Bruce Draconarius reverently brushed the dust off the
ancient tome. Weathered letters impressed on the leather were barely
visible: "Ancient and Honorable Quidditch in Medieval Tournaments".  He
opened the book and began leafing through the pages.

Schuyler House Is proud to present the first Quidditch match in the
kingdom of Caid.  Due to the royal embargo on personalized flying
devices, this match will be played on the ground.

Rules and Equipment for Armored Quidditch:

Schuyler House will be pleased to provide the following equipment
for the game:

Bludgers, animate, quantity 2 at any given time:
Baron Jamal Damian Marcus,
Sir William Schuyler
Baron Thorvald
Earl Rorik Sverdmathr
The Function of the Bludger is to attack any of the players at any
time.  While the two Beaters are specifically designated to try to
interpose themselves between the Bludgers and the other players,
the Bludger may try to evade the Beaters.  If the Bludger succeeds in
attacking a player to the extent of landing a blow on his shield or
weapon, then that player must fight the Bludger in a one-on-one
combat.  No other player may interfere in that combat.  If the
Bludger is defeated, he must attack a member of the other team before he
can attack any player on the first team again.  If the Bludger is
victorious, then the Bludger may continue to attack the player's
teammates or may attack the other team, as opportunity, whim,
and bloodlust indicate.  The defeated player must retire outside the eric
for 2 minutes, then may return to play.  Another player may be
substituted at this point (after the 2 min interval).

Golden Snitch, animate, quantity 1 at any given time:
Earl Gar of Loch Carron
Duke John of Holdingsford
The purpose of the Golden Snitch is to evade the players.  Each
team has a player designated as Seeker.  It is the prerogative of the
Seeker to engage and defeat the Golden Snitch.  If a Seeker
approaches the Golden Snitch closely enough that he can strike the Golden
Snitch on the shield or weapon, then the Golden Snitch must turn and fight
him one-on-one in single combat.  If the Golden Snitch is defeated,
then the game ends and the team whose Seeker was victorious
gains 150 points.  If the Seeker is defeated, then he must wait 5 minutes
outside the eric, while the Seeker of the other team chases the
Golden Snitch.

Quaffle, non-animate, quantity 1 Leather ball
The Quaffle is a leather ball (soccer ball) which may be kicked,
thrown, or carried by the players.  The movement of the Quafffle is
regulated by small-team melee rules (no killing from behind).
Teams or their members may engage each other singly or as a unit.  Only
the bearer of the Quaffle enters the Scoring Area adjacent to the
Goals.  The Quaffle must be thrown or kicked through one of the goals
from a distance of at least 10 feet.

Goals, 3 per side, at different heights.
Three hoops
Each goal with a Quaffle is worth 10 points.  After the goal is
scored, the Quijudge (referee) will put the ball into play again.
Players are absolutely forbidden from trying to throw or kick the
Bludgers through the goals, no matter how aptly they deserve it.

You provide:

Seven players who think they can excel against all others in
Armored Quidditch. Elaboration on the rules of Armored Quidditch may be
found in "Quidditch through the Ages".

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