[Northkeep] Sanging and Dancing, and Drumming at Castellan

Ian Dun Gillan ian1550 at sbcglobal.net
Tue May 23 14:04:22 PDT 2006

Howdy everybody,
I wanted to see if anyone was interested in doing a little "sang'in", a
little dancing, and a little drumming at Castellan?

I have heard that there maybe Calontiri present, as well as some old-school
Ansetorran's who would enjoy singing along to the SCA clasics. Singing
around the kegs on the porch at Castellan is something would be fun for both
the old and new members of the SCA.

There is nothing like the sound of drums late into the night. With middle
eastern dancers and drummers no Ansteorran party can go wrong. Drumming and
Dancing after court near the Baronial Pavillion would be very cool.

Let your friends know, recruit a crowd a for singing or bring along your
drums and convience your favorite dancers to come out. If any one is
interested in any of these activites at Castellan in the evening after court
please let me know.

Kind Regards

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