[Northkeep] Waterbearing Supplies and other such business....

Montega montega at gmail.com
Tue May 23 19:34:20 PDT 2006

Hello Northkeep!
 I wanted to let you all know that I will be gathering items for a
Northkeep waterbearing kitchen. I wanted to put a list out of things
that we need just to see if anyone had any of the items lying around
that they wanted to pitch in. Never know what someone wants to get rid
of, and it would help to stretch our dollars as well. So, if you see
anything on the list that you want to help with just let me know. Our
goal here is to build a permanent WB kitchen that belongs specifically
to the our Barony. Thanks!!

     Plastic  storage tote
     Hand towels
     Cutting Boards (disposable kind)
     Small medium and large bowls
     2 small tubs for washing and rinsing
     Hand Sanitizer
     Water Bottles with straws
     Coolers (5 gallon)
     Can opener ( the hand crank kind)
     Serving trays
     Picnic screen plate covers
     Table covers (could just be a sheet)

If anyone can think of anything else to add to this list let me know
(It's late and my idea supply is running low!)

Also, With Castelan being the special event that it is this year, if
anyone wants to donate goodies for the fighters that would be great
too. The Barony has already stepped up wonderfully and for that I am

Thanks everyone!

Montega Blackdragon

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