[Northkeep] Another genteel reminder

Cheri Hodek texastornado_50 at yahoo.com
Wed May 3 08:39:19 PDT 2006

Unto the good people of NorthKeep, warmest greetings again


Yet another genteel reminder that Eldern XXVIII is coming soon. 


Eldern XXVIII will be held on the weekend of May 19 - 21 at Camp Ekowah, just east of 

Marlow, OK.  We do want everyone to know that as of now all cabins have been reserved. 

If you wish to be added to a waiting list please contact Lady Muirenn inghean Chonail 

at TexasTornado_50 at yahoo.com.  There will be plenty of camping spaces and bathhouses,

with showers spaced strategically placed over the campsite. There will also be a tavern 

located on site. 

 Tournaments will be held to choose Baronial Champions in Archery, Chivalric combat, 

Schlager and Rapier combat. A Middle Eastern dance competition is planned, as well as,

 a beginner’s and intermediate drumming classes.

 HL Elizabeth de Calais will prepare a fabulous feast. . Feast reservations can be made 

with Lady Muirenn inghean Chonail at TexasTornado_50 at yahoo.com

 We are offering ACCEPS for the event. 

  In Service,

 Lady Muirenn inghean Chonaill

Lord Aiden of Eldern Hills
  Event Stewards

"Don't run through life so fast that you forget not only where you've 
been but also where you're going.  Life is not a race, but a journey to 
be savored each step of the way."

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